Empowering Consumers

We reduce the asymmetry between the individual consumer and large corporations by gathering wronged consumers and providing them with cutting-edge tools. We collect, in real-time, millions of daily mentions in social networks, identify repeated complaints, and connect the complainants to professionals in order to provide them with solutions.


Millions of consumers are wronged by corporations worldwide every day, but the vast majority of them do not have the time, money, or knowledge to exercise their


Lawyers, mediators, small claims service providers, and the corporations themselves invest a considerable amount of time finding and connecting with complainants.


interact with the complainants, allow them to upload documents and more information, and then connect them via a designated web service with class action attorneys, mediators, and small claims service providers.

Meet Our Team

Meirav Cohen

Meirav Cohen


● Economist & Social Activist
● Consumer Organization CEO
● JLM City Council Member
● PMO Economic Spokesperson

Niv Rotem

Niv Rotem

COO & Co-Founder

● KPMG Corporate Finance
● Financial Modeling Expert
● Private Investments Fund CFO

Lapid Harel

Lapid Harel

CTO & Co-Founder

● Full Stack Developer
● AI Developer
● Mathematics and Deep Learning Specialist

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