Who are we?

We’re a start-up whose mission is to level the playing field between the individual consumer and large corporations. We provide consumers with advanced technological and legal tools that help them realize their rights.

Our experience in dealing with consumer complaints has taught us that one of the most effective tools for promoting consumer rights is class actions, in which corporations who have wronged consumers are forced to compensate those they have injured (the “class”). This helps amend for past wrongs, and also leads to the overall reduction of consumer injustices in the future.

We believe in the power of a group and the wisdom of the crowd. We therefore work to group together consumers who were similarly affected by corporations and connect them with class action attorneys who can investigate the cases and examine the possibility of filing a class action. We also use other methods, such as contacting regulators and the media, in order to help deal with relevant consumer injustices.

How did you find me?

We monitor social networks and identify consumer complaints using advanced technology. When we recognize that a particular complaint has been published on social networks by many consumers, we understand that this is a phenomenon that needs to be investigated in depth. The relevant information is referred to a class action lawyer to examine the possibility of helping the complainants file a class action. It should be noted that in some of the cases the complainants approach us on their own with their case, and we try our best to help.

Do I need to pay for the service?

We do not charge consumers. Lawyers pay for the services we provide them.
Please note that our company does not handle the legal process and does not do legal work of any kind. In addition, the company is not a party to the agreement between the attorney and the class action plaintiff/s.

In the class action discipline, it is customary for an attorney not to collect fees from the plaintiffs during the proceedings, but rather to receive a certain percentage of the compensation that the court approves for the class (“contingency fees”).

What do I have to do?

By filling out your contact details, you authorize us to forward your details to pro-consumer attorneys, regulators, and the media.

Who will have access to details about my case?

We pass on the details of your case to a select group of class action lawyers and law firms in order for them to decide on the basis of their professional knowledge when it is appropriate to file a claim. As noted, we are not lawyers and do not provide legal services ourselves, but rather help group together consumers that have published similar cases and pass on their details to legal treatment. In some cases we may additionally choose to refer the information to regulators and the media in order to help solve the injustice.